Gambling is not only the way people entertain themselves, because it has grown into something bigger. People get obsessed with different types of casino games and get addicted to this feeling of thrill. This state of mind is a relevant topic for discussions in scientific circles and a main issue for research. It turns out that our emotions of excitement during the playing process in casino without Swedish licence hide a lot of interesting facts and mysteries. So let’s find out what stands behind our natural reactions and emotions.

What is the emotion of excitement?

Excitement is an emotional condition when the person feels a strong interest in a particular thing and has an unstoppable desire to do it. In one particular moment, the person feels upheaval, a lot of happiness, and exhilaration. Scientists distinguish two types of excitement

  • The excitement that gives resource state. The person in this state reaches the highest level of efficiency. For example, we may feel it when doing our favorite thing or going up the career ladder
  • Destructive excitement. Excitement brings about destructive mechanisms when the person loses control over their actions and cannot critically assess the situation.

There is a fine line between these two types of excitement, so depending on our behavior, social circle, and viewpoint it can unconsciously flow in a positive or destructive direction.

It is also important to mention the historical background of this unique feeling. Initially, when first people still lived in tribes, they needed two feelings for existence – fear to escape the threat, and a certain excitement to fight and defend their territory. Therefore, it is believed that excitement is simply in our nature. Therefore, excitement can be safely attributed to the basic protective mechanisms of the human body. However, over time, in the wake of the development of progress and social connections, the excitement turned from protection into something indefinite.

What is excitement good or bad for?

Excitement is a sincere interest in something, a passionate foretaste of success. It motivates, gives us strength to strive for the best and achieve what we want.

On the one hand, excitement is a powerful mobilizing and motivating force that pushes the person to succeed in their favorite field of activity. Scientists say that excitement contributes to the development of leadership qualities. Most often it is connected to a deep passion for the process and, as a rule, a large amount of time spent on a particular thing. Such people are ready to take responsibility for both the process and the result, and the release of dopamine allows you not to give up in case of defeat and continue to work on finding a way out of the situation.  Dopamine is one of the so-called happiness hormones: an active chemical substance produced by the human brain. Natural releases of dopamine during the processes that please us, help the brain to reinforce important actions for life and form attachments. This feature of dopamine may explain why people change their behavior during a strong engagement in a certain process. In the same way, gambling addiction is formed, more precisely, from the release of dopamine during situations with uncertain outcome.

But, on the other hand, this state has a very significant disadvantage – often excitement prevents a person from thinking rationally, and therefore making informed decisions, which leads to a series of irresponsible actions. However, the most important thing is that excitement reduces a person’s sensitivity to risk and the instinct of self-preservation.


Excitement is not a bad quality at all, because it is especially important for those who strive for self-realization. In this case, it is impossible to make it without enthusiasm and an all-consuming desire to get what you so desire at all costs. Healthy excitement is the best way to move forward and realize your dreams.