Who is Michael Goodwin?

Michael Goodwin is a journalist and political commentator. He is known for his work as a columnist for the New York Post, where he writes about politics and current events. Goodwin has also worked for other prominent publications such as the New York Times and the New York Daily News. He is a frequent contributor to Fox News, offering his analysis and opinions on various political topics. Goodwin has gained recognition for his conservative viewpoints and has developed a significant following for his writings and appearances in the media.

Before Fame

Before becoming a well-known journalist and columnist, Michael Goodwin attended Columbia University, where he pursued his education. However, specific details about his early life, such as his childhood or any significant milestones prior to his career in journalism, are not widely available. It is important to note that the information regarding someone’s life before they gained fame may not always be extensively documented or publicly available.


One trivia fact about Michael Goodwin is that he co-wrote an unauthorized biography of New York City’s former mayor, Edward Koch. This project likely provided insight into Koch’s life and political career. Unfortunately, additional specific trivia about Michael Goodwin is not readily available.


Michael Goodwin was born and raised in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. He is married to Jennifer Raab, and they got married in 1991. However, further information about his family, such as his parents or siblings, is not widely available.

Associated With

In June 2022, Michael Goodwin wrote a column about NYC mayor Eric Adams and Rudy Giuliani. As a journalist and political commentator, Goodwin frequently covers various political figures and events, providing analysis and commentary on their actions and policies. While he may have associations with other individuals in the field of journalism or politics, specific details about his professional associations or relationships are not readily available.

Michael Goodwin and Jennifer Jaye Raab: A Dynamic Power Couple in New York

In the bustling city of New York, where politics and journalism intersect, Michael Goodwin and Jennifer Jaye Raab have emerged as a dynamic power couple. Goodwin, a renowned writer and member of The New York Daily News editorial board, found love and companionship in Raab, a highly accomplished lawyer and the esteemed president of Hunter College. Together, they embody the synergy of intellect, influence, and passion that defines the city they call home.

Wedding Details

The union between Goodwin and Raab was solemnized in a heartfelt ceremony officiated by Dr. Robert Berson, a leader in the Ethical Culture Society. The nuptials took place at the intimate setting of the bride’s brother and sister-in-law’s home, Michael and Michi Raab, creating an atmosphere of warmth and familial love.

Jennifer Jaye Raab

With an impressive educational background, Raab’s intellectual prowess is evident. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, where she was elected to the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa honor society. Furthering her academic pursuits, Raab pursued a master’s degree in public and international affairs from Princeton University and holds the distinction of being an alumna of Harvard Law School. Her accomplishments shine brightly against the backdrop of her late father, Harry Raab, and her mother, Lillian Raab, a retired teaching assistant in New York public schools.


Goodwin’s journey into the world of journalism began after his graduation from Columbia University. His career flourished as he assumed key roles, including City Hall bureau chief and sports reporter for The New York Times. Notably, he co-authored the unauthorized biography “I, Koch,” shedding light on the life of New York’s former mayor. Goodwin’s dedication and talent were recognized when he shared the Pulitzer Prize for a series on financial mismanagement at the Apollo Theater. His humble beginnings trace back to Lewistown, Pennsylvania, where he was raised by his parents, Virginia and James Goodwin.

Acquaintance and Power Couple Status

The paths of Goodwin and Raab converged in the halls of City Hall. As Jennifer Raab served as the press secretary for land-use policy in the Koch administration, Goodwin donned the role of the City Hall bureau chief for The New York Times. The bustling environment of City Hall’s reporters’ room, known as Room 9, provided the backdrop for their initial encounter, leading to a profound connection that transcended their professional lives.

The Power Couple

Individually, Goodwin and Raab have made significant contributions to their respective fields, but together, they form an influential force in New York City. Raab’s position as the president of Hunter College has allowed her to leverage her connections and raise substantial funds for the institution, a feat usually associated with private schools. With her strategic leadership, she secured millions of dollars for projects such as a social work school, a new library, and a nursing school. Additionally, Raab serves on various boards, including ExpandED Schools, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Association for a Better New York’s steering committee.

Meanwhile, Goodwin’s career has been defined by his incisive commentary and analysis of New York City’s political landscape. From his role at The New York Times to his current position as a member of The New York Daily News editorial board, Goodwin fearlessly challenges liberal assumptions and has gained recognition for his contributions, including receiving a Pulitzer Prize for his investigative work on financial mismanagement at the Apollo Theater.

As a power couple, Goodwin and Raab balance their separate careers while maintaining a shared passion for their work. Their mutual respect and admiration for each other’s endeavors have allowed them to create a harmonious and supportive partnership. While Goodwin delves into the intricacies of city politics, Raab, as the president of Hunter College for the past 15 years, brings her extensive network and expertise to the table.

The impact of their combined efforts is evident in the transformation of Hunter College. Under Raab’s visionary leadership, the college has received a remarkable influx of donations, totaling an astounding $330 million. These funds have been allocated to various crucial initiatives, such as the establishment of a distinguished social work school, a state-of-the-art library, and a nursing school that meets the highest standards of education and research. Furthermore, Raab’s tenacity and resourcefulness secured $24.5 million in state funds to inaugurate the prestigious Roosevelt House, a public-policy institute, in 2010.

Goodwin, on the other hand, uses his remarkable journalistic skills to dissect and analyze the political landscape of New York City. Known for his unflinching critiques and bold commentary, he fearlessly challenges prevailing narratives and holds public figures accountable for their actions. From scrutinizing the Clintons for what he perceives as “lawlessness” to shedding light on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s controversial political action committee, Campaign for One New York, Goodwin’s sharp insights have captivated readers and elicited thoughtful discourse.

It is the combination of their individual achievements, unwavering dedication to their respective fields, and the unique perspectives they bring to the table that makes Goodwin and Raab a formidable force in New York City. Their influence extends beyond their professional endeavors as they actively contribute to the intellectual and cultural fabric of the city.

Despite their remarkable achievements, Goodwin and Raab remain grounded and committed to their shared values. As Goodwin aptly puts it, “We’ve managed to maintain a dual-career household in which both of us are passionate about our work.” This harmony and mutual respect serve as the foundation of their enduring partnership.

As their journey continues, it is clear that Michael Goodwin and Jennifer Jaye Raab are not merely individuals who have excelled in their respective fields, but a power couple whose collective impact is felt throughout New York City. Their unwavering commitment to their work, their ability to inspire change, and their mutual support and admiration for one another make them a force to be reckoned with. Through their ongoing endeavors, they shape the narrative of the city and leave an indelible mark on the worlds of journalism, academia, and public service.


  • Did Michael Goodwin write for his high school or college newspaper? No, he did not. However, his senior high school English teacher, Mrs. Novak, played a crucial role in his writing career by encouraging daily writing exercises in class and providing valuable feedback on his articles during his time as a reporter at the New York Times.
  • What did Michael Goodwin learn from working in the Morgue of the New York Times? Working in the Morgue allowed Goodwin to immerse himself in journalism by reading the newspaper, interacting with reporters, and familiarizing himself with the inner workings of the organization. This experience made him feel like a part of the larger journalistic community and served as an inspiration for his own writing career.
  • What have been Michael Goodwin’s favorite pieces to write? Initially, Goodwin was grateful for any writing opportunity that came his way. One notable early achievement was his first front-page story for the New York Times, which happened to be about the weather. While initially disappointed, he learned an important lesson that what matters most in journalism is writing about topics that resonate with readers. Goodwin also particularly enjoyed writing about sports, focusing not only on the games but also on the business and scandals surrounding them.
  • What advice does Michael Goodwin have for aspiring journalists? Goodwin encourages aspiring journalists to pursue their passion and develop essential skills such as writing, interviewing, critical thinking, and working under tight deadlines. He believes that these fundamental skills will always be in demand, regardless of future changes in media platforms. Goodwin emphasizes that writing is a skill that can be learned and honed through experience.
  • Was Michael Goodwin always interested in current events? Yes, Goodwin has long had a keen interest in current events. He values the importance of government and has enjoyed writing about politics throughout his career. Goodwin acknowledges the significance of appreciating and understanding the subjects one covers as a journalist, stating that it is difficult to write effectively about a topic if one despises it. He believes that writing about subjects that one cares about leads to more engaging and impactful writing for the reader.
  • How has Michael Goodwin’s experience been teaching at Hillsdale? Goodwin has had a positive experience teaching at Hillsdale, finding the students to be sharp, dedicated, and passionate about their work. He appreciates their seriousness and commitment to learning, hoping that they are also having fun in the process.


In conclusion, Michael Goodwin is a prominent figure in the field of journalism. As the chief political columnist for the New York Post and a regular contributor to Fox News and Fox Business, Goodwin has established himself as an influential commentator on political affairs. While he did not write for his high school or college newspaper, his passion for writing was nurtured by his senior high school English teacher, Mrs. Novak, who played a significant role in his career by instilling in him a love for writing and providing valuable guidance.

Goodwin’s experience working in the Morgue of the New York Times, where he immersed himself in the world of journalism, reading newspapers, interacting with reporters, and familiarizing himself with the inner workings of the organization, greatly influenced his writing career. He credits this exposure to journalism as a crucial factor in his development as a writer.

Throughout his career, Goodwin has written on a diverse range of topics, but he particularly enjoyed writing about sports, focusing on the business and scandals surrounding the games rather than the games themselves. He learned the valuable lesson that writing should be reader-centric, with the aim of providing engaging and meaningful content to the audience.

For aspiring journalists, Goodwin advises them to pursue their passion and develop essential skills such as clear thinking, clear writing, interviewing, and critical thinking. He emphasizes that these skills will always be in demand and will make individuals relevant and effective in the field of journalism.

Goodwin has maintained a longstanding interest in current events, particularly politics. He believes that a genuine appreciation for the subject matter is crucial for effective reporting and that writers should focus on topics they genuinely care about to produce engaging and impactful work.

When teaching at Hillsdale, Goodwin has enjoyed interacting with sharp, earnest, and serious students who are committed to their work. He values their dedication and hopes they are also having fun in the process.

Overall, Michael Goodwin’s career in journalism, his passion for writing, and his insights into the field make him a notable figure in the media landscape.