Military service is one of the most fulfilling professions. But it’s not without its fair share of danger. 

As an army soldier in deployment, you must constantly be on high alert to ward off enemy offensives. There are also fitness-related challenges, especially if your mission involves long odysseys through rugged landscapes. 

Therefore, success in military service relies heavily on adequate preparation. And much of that entails arming yourself with the right military gear for all occasions. 

In this article, we go over the five essential military items that every soldier needs.

1. Gloves

Gloves are an indispensable part of military apparel. These equipment serve numerous functions. Contrary to popular perception, soldiers require high-quality gloves despite their rank or branch within the force. 

The primary role of gloves is to offer grip while shooting. That’s due to their ability to absorb body sweat, which could otherwise hamper the accuracy of your shot. A nice pair of gloves can significantly improve your chances of nailing a target. 

Gloves are also necessary for climbing trees and rocks. They protect your hands from bruises caused by thorny twigs or spiky rocks. 

A pair of military gloves may also be useful when you need to handle potentially toxic chemicals or substances. Moreover, they can reduce hand strain when carrying heavy objects. 

As with other essential military supplies, the trick to buying premium-quality gloves is to source them from reputable outlets like Nine Line Apparel. 

Nine Line Apparel is an American apparel company that deals in military-inspired apparel and accessories like gloves and hats. It prides itself on offering high-end gear at reasonable prices.

2. Bulletproof Vest

A bulletproof vest, also known as a bullet-resistant vest or ballistic vest, does exactly what the name implies – neutralizing the impact of bullets. 

These vests protect vital organs located within the torso from damage caused by firearm-fired projectiles. They’re also morale boosters, allowing soldiers to focus on the enemy without fearing for their own lives. 

There are certain key factors to consider while choosing a bullet-proof vest. The most important is to pick a vest based on the nature of the threat you’re likely to encounter. 

Lighter ballistic vests, such as the IIA, II, and IIIA, protect from handgun-fired bullets. These vests can effectively absorb the impact of .40 caliber handgun bullets, .357 caliber handgun bullets, and .357 SIG bullets, respectively. The three vests are recommended if you’re likely to encounter enemies fighting with small firearms. Their lighter weight makes them easy to wear as undergarments. 

Confrontations with larger firearms like assault rifles would require level III protection vests or higher.

If you’re new to bulletproof vests, the conventional wisdom is to pick vests that offer maximum protection. That way, you can confidently engage the enemy even if they’re shooting at you with advanced firearms at close range.

5 Essential Military Apparel Items Every Soldier Should Have1

3. Boots

Boots are to the feet, and gloves are to the hands. Soldiers often move through unforgiving terrain, which makes a quality pair of boots necessary. 

Now, every army officer is entitled to standard boots as part of their routine footwear issuance. However, regular boots may prove ineffective depending on the nature of your mission. It’s best to select these footwear based on your specific requirements. 

Size and comfort are probably the biggest aspects to consider when choosing the right army boots. 

Not only should the footwear be appropriately matched for your size. It should also feature soft inner padding to reduce abrasion between your feet and the boot’s construction while trekking or running. The soft inner material also mitigates shock if you accidentally knock your feet against a rock or hard ground. 

Besides comfort levels, it’s also prudent to go for the most durable boots you can find. Leather is the most recommended army boot material due to its incredible strength and weather resistance. The material is also reasonably easy to maintain.

5 Essential Military Apparel Items Every Soldier Should Have2

4. Tactical Watch

A watch is one of the most commonly overlooked components of military gear. But that doesn’t make it any less useful. 

Watches are useful in tracking troop movements and coordinating offensives. All friendly forces can synchronize their timers and agree on a common time to strike, retreat to base, etc. 

A watch is also instrumental in gathering crucial military intelligence while monitoring enemy activity. It helps you gain tactical advantage by determining when the enemy will most likely attack based on their previous movements. 

Most importantly, you need a watch to track your location as you move through unfamiliar territory. The device can help you figure out the distance covered by estimating your speed against the lapsed time. 

While numerous options are at your disposal, it’s best to go for a tactical watch. 

These are watches designed to be versatile. They can be a chronograph, compass, altimeter, and even GPS. 

Tactical watches are more durable and water-resistant than their regular counterparts. That’s great to know since a watchmaker is the last person you expect to encounter while on a military deployment.

5. Firearm

You must have seen this one coming. It’s virtually impossible to discuss military gear without mentioning firearms. 

Now, there are numerous guns made for military use. The M16 is the standard-issue infantry rifle for the United States military. There’s also the Galil, which is popular with Middle East army soldiers. 

Other popular military guns include the Swiss assault rifle SIG SG 550, the German-made battle rifle Heckler & Koch G3, and the upgraded version of the original AK-47 – AK-103. 

As you might expect, the best gun to choose depends on the assignment at hand. Insist on powerful rifles for long-range combat. These guns allow you to remove the enemy before they know what hit them. 

It’s also important to consider a gun’s cartridge capacity before picking it for your next mission. You’d want a firearm that can hold maximum cartridges if you’re likely to take heavy fire from the enemy. 

Don’t forget the requisite accessories. These include things like optics, lasers, grips, and, of course, bullets. 

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Wrap Up

There goes our rundown of the essential items every army soldier should have in their gear. Remember that while you may receive most of these supplies as part of regular military issuance, they might not be your preferred size or style. So, it’s best to make private arrangements for the same. 

You could source the items from any reputable tactical gear store near you, either directly or through subscription boxes.