Xfinity is Comcast’s largest ISP with various internet plans catered toward homes with multiple users. It can be tricky when looking for a plan that will not just perfectly suit you, but all members of your family. Different individuals will have different needs; that is inevitable, so how do you manage to get a service provider that’ll work for your entire family?

That’s why we recommend Xfinity.

Excellent Customer Service

With tons of customizable plans and add-ons, Xfinity offers a range that is unrivaled in the industry. Available in 40+ states, with 20 million hotspots all across America, it’s little wonder why Xfinity is the popular choice for many!

On top of quality services, Xfinity’s customer service is rated excellent by the public! They’re available around the clock, so you no longer have to wait for a specific time on weekdays to make a call. You can reach out whenever for whatever queries you might have (even on Sundays) and an expert will get in touch with you.

These are just some of the many reasons why Comcast’s Xfinity is among the best ISPs.

Internet Plans for One and All

If your house includes people who use up to 4 devices and like to stream HD videos and download music, Xfinity’s 75/10 Mbps internet speeds seem like a good fit. The cost comes up to $20 a month with an automatic payment system set up in place for seamless transaction processes.

Xfinity’s ‘Fast’ plan, however, doubles not just the internet speed but the number of devices that can be connected to it. 400/10 Mbps come up to $55 a month and up to 8 devices can be connected simultaneously. This is perfect for larger families who enjoy streaming shows and HD videos while also being able to download large files.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten the hardcore families who use Wi-Fi on a regular basis for live streams, and extreme gameplay and use various smart home devices. The ‘Gigabit Extra’ plan costs up to $80 a month, which includes unlimited data and free Wi-Fi equipment, and has internet speeds of up to 1200/35 Mbps – perfect for dedicated internet enthusiasts!

As you can see, there is something for everyone at Xfinity with various price ranges to cater to different financial backgrounds and Wi-Fi needs.

Maximum Security for Your Home Devices

With Xfinity’s advanced security system, you can now browse online without worrying about your data being leaked to third-party sources or being hacked online.

This xFi Gateway is available to all Xfinity subscribers and it protects every connected home device, even going as far as to alert you of possible threats and risky sites – you can access these via the free Xfinity app, so we’d recommend downloading it!

You can use this app to manage and navigate through such security risks, where simple instructions will be provided to you, on-screen. All you need to do is follow them or, if you’d prefer to leave it to the professionals, you can do so as well! Simply get in touch with a customer support representative and alert them of any problems you may be facing.

You can do this through the Xfinity app or by visiting the Live Chat option on the official website. You can even call them directly, and since they’re available 24/7, they’ll be sure to answer almost immediately.

The xFi Gateway doesn’t require any additional software or hardware to be installed – which makes getting on board with Xfinity much easier!

How to Make the Switch

If you’re considering making the switch to Xfinity, be sure to get in touch with your current ISP and inquire about early termination fees. Some service providers don’t have any binding contracts, so leaving should be a simple process but in the case of binding contracts, you may be required to follow some steps before leaving that particular service provider.

Once you’ve managed to leave the previous ISP, signing up with Xfinity will be very straightforward. If you’re enthusiastic about joining the Xfinity family, but unsure about which internet plan to choose, you can always reach out here for professional advice.

Next, you’ll simply have to pay a one-time installation fee of $100 – this includes a technical expert coming to your place of residency to set up and activate all your services. However, you can choose to do it yourself and skip this fee entirely, by ordering a Getting Started kit. That, combined with a little guidance via the Xfinity app makes it easy for individuals to set up, without the help of an expert.

In Conclusion

Xfinity is a great choice for an ISP, especially for families, as its advanced security precautions help to protect homes – not just from online threats, but physical ones as well. With Xfinity’s smart monitoring systems, you can keep an eye on your home while you’re away. The Xfinity app also gives you the freedom to arm or disarm alarms.

All this and more only prove Xfinity’s efficient services and reliability, making it the perfect ISP for all American homes.