POE 3.23 Affliction league have been released, and many players must be worrying about the appropriate build for this season. In this regard, I can give you some suggestions accordingly.

If you are a player who pursues violent screen clearing, then the build I recommend will be perfect for you. This construction ensures that players can not only can clear the map but also cause very high damage to a single target.

POE 3.23 Affliction: Lightning Conduit Build

Lightning Conduit has two versions. I recommend the non-crit version. This version focuses on defense and is very suitable for some players with low POE currency budget.

The Best Low Budget Path of Exile 3.23 Builds Lightning Conduit Build1

Of course, for players who are not short of money, the critical version of Lightning Conduit is well worth trying. And I know that IGGM.com sells many cheap and safe POE currency, and I also know a discount code “WATER” with a very large discount. If you need to consider a critical strike version of the Lightning Conduit build, this is an option.

The Best Low Budget Path of Exile 3.23 Builds Lightning Conduit Build2

Building Basics

The core of Lightning Conduit is to shock the enemy with auxiliary skills, and the damage value is determined by the total effect of the electric shock caused by the player to the target enemy. Therefore, auxiliary skills such as Storm Orb and Storm Brand are our best choices. By using these auxiliary skills to conduct conduit strikes, I believe you can obtain very considerable damage settlement.

Because this construction causes damage by conducting electric shock, we need to pay attention to the following factors, which are very crucial for us to build a more perfect Lightning Conduit.

Indispensable is the Storm Shaper, which allows players to stun enemies without taking a critical hit.

Because the electric shock effect comes from the overall damage and the monster’s health value. Therefore, the more shock effects a player has, the more damage a player can do. Especially for the boss, the huge health value will better utilize the electric shock effect of Lightning Conduit.

By default, shock effects are capped at 50, but we can extend this value to 65 through Lightning Mastery.

For the endgame, I recommend using Storm Sphere to apply shock before heading to the Atlas map, as this will better suit the build we choose.

Lvl boosting

Since we don’t have access to Lightning Conduit until Act 3, I think the help of lightning tendrils and some gems is also very necessary when considering lvling. If you think this is too much trouble, I can also recommend a Lvl Boosting website IGGM. This is a website that specializes in game services. If we are anxious about leveling up, this is a good choice.

For Lightning Tendrils, which are indispensable in the early stage of the game, finding basic types of wands with high flat damage and torture essences of flat spell damage modules can significantly improve our damage in the early stage of the game and obtain a better gaming experience.

NOTE: Don’t forget to pick up the Arcanist’s Brand at the end of Act 4 and link it to your Curse as well as Wave of Faith.

Singularity Scepter

As an elemental master who masters the Storm Shaper, Berek’s Grip has huge advantages over others, so choosing Berek’s Grip is a very wise choice.

Remember! Be sure to limit base resistance while extending flat life. After getting enough Holy Orbs, please invest more Divine Orbs to suppress spell damage, and then gain Chaos Resistance, which will be of great help to us.

The cheapest option for body armor is the rare Living Breastplate, and regardless of price, Inpulsa’s Broken Heart or Loyal Skin are superb choices.

NOTE: If you use Lord skins, try not to use keystone correction. This will hinder our build.

For boots, we recommend rare boots with movement speed, health, and spell damage suppression. If not, try to choose based on the above attributes.

It recommended helmets for rare helmets that have health points and a certain chance of suppressing spell damage and physical damage as elemental damage. Likewise, please select based on the above attributes before buying one.

Pantheon & Bandits

The Pantheon is very important to players and any builds. With the Soul of Arakaali, it’s possible to reduce incoming damage over time and control damage over time. This can be said to be the best choice for defense.

Since the current version won’t benefit from any bandits, I thought it would be a good idea to consider Elamire’s suggestion and kill all 3 bandits.

In summary, this build can easily handle most content in the game. If you are a new player, this build is enough to give you a very good gaming experience in the game. If you need to achieve higher achievements and achieve better results, this series of critical version is a more suitable choice for you. Accordingly, this requires sufficient effort, especially currency expenditure. So if you want to buy POE Currency and learn about the construction of the critical version, visit IGGM.com for more information.