Women become happiest in their lives when they are going to become mothers. They are filled with mixed emotions of happiness, fear, stress, care, anxiety, and nervousness. She needs the care, love, and expert guidance of a renowned gynecologist in Gurgaon to handle all her medical complications. Thus, it is necessary to find the best gynecology hospital in Gurgaon offering world-class pre and post-pregnancy treatment to both the child and the mother.

Higher Risk Pregnancy

Gynecologists usually consider a pregnancy with higher risk complications if:

  • There are difficulties like less than 10% fetal growth during the gestational period and abnormal position of the placenta.
  • The age of the mother is over 35
  • Twin or multiple pregnancies
  • High blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, and blood or heart disorders
  • Infections, obesity, epilepsy, or badly managed asthma

Higher risk pregnancies can include complications due to pre-existing medical or other health conditions. The gynecologist should be able to manage these pregnancies with additional care, monitoring, and extra attention to their patients.

Factors to Consider While Looking for the best Gynecologist in Gurgaon

Finding the perfect gynecologist in Gurgaon is an intimidating task. But, it is of utmost significance as your baby and your health depend on it. So, consider the following factors before making up your mind about the doctor.

  • Credentials

Check for the specialized certifications that will indicate that the gynecologist has the required skills, experience, and training to offer the necessary care.

  • Hospital Standard

Evaluate the standard and treatment facility of the hospital where the gynecologist will be doing the delivery of your baby.

  • Referrals

Get referrals of the gynecologists from your family and friends whom they have consulted or visited before. You can research more about the doctors and their experience before going for the consultation.

  • Experience

Experience highly matters in pregnancy cases, particularly if it is a higher-risk one. The more experience the gynecologist has in handling a complicated procedure or condition, the better will be the outcome for you.

  • Reviews

Reading the reviews about what other patients are saying about the doctor matters a lot. It will give you a detailed insight into how they deliver proper care and the way they practice.

  • Prenatal care

The gynecologist should offer proper prenatal care, including routine checkups and the emotional and physical well-being of the mother and the baby.

  • Postnatal care

The pregnancy journey does not end right after giving birth. So, the gynecologist in Gurgaon should also offer comprehensive postnatal care by guiding the new mothers during the initial days. They should give proper information and assistance regarding breastfeeding, postpartum recovery, or any other concerns.


When should you visit the gynecologist in Gurgaon for the first time during pregnancy?

The best time to consult the gynecologist in Gurgaon for the first time is when you have missed your period or have done a home pregnancy test, and it has come positive. However, in most cases, the pregnancy does not get detected till eight weeks of the gestation period.

Can a Gynecologist Assist in Getting You Pregnant?

Some Gynecologists have the necessary training and education to treat those patients who have been struggling to get pregnant for years. The doctor needs to be certified in reproductive endocrinology and should be familiar with some of the most common fertility issues and the ways to treat them.

End Words

It is important to select a reputed gynecologist in Gurgaon who can tackle all the birthing complications and hand-hold the couple through the difficult journey of parenthood. For a safe delivery of your baby, opt for the best gynecology hospital in Gurgaon who are highly experienced in birthing and pregnancy care. The hospital should include state-of-the-art technology, high clinical competency standards, and well-proven safety protocols.