In modern office design, the emphasis has moved far away from the priorities of previous generations. Decades ago, workspaces were often very cold and sterile, with an outsized focus on pure functionality over providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. What we have learned in the years since is that this type of single-mindedness hinders productivity and innovation.

In today’s world, we now understand function and form must intermingle seamlessly with a welcoming and ergonomic design. With that comes the need for certain essential office furniture and accessories. If you are designing or remodeling your workspace, we put together a simple list of items that are must-haves for modern offices:

1. Ergonomic Desk Chairs

This is likely the most important, individual piece of furniture you will purchase. This is where you and your coworkers will be stationed most of the time. An ergonomically designed chair provides the necessary support to your neck, back, and arms, reducing the risk of strain and making you more comfortable and thus, increasing productivity.

2. A Height-Adjustable Desk

Another piece of essential office furniture is a standing desk. Even the best ergonomic chair isn’t designed to be sat in for hours upon end. Adjustable desks allow employees to stand up and stretch their legs while still being productive. This increases blood flow and greatly reduces the health risks that accompany sitting for extended periods.

3. Adequate Work Surface

Another amenity that you need to look for in a desk is an ample surface area. Since they often need to accommodate several items such as a computer, pens/pencils, documents, and various other objects, having enough space to keep it all within arm’s reach while also providing an area to perform work-related tasks is very important for functionality.

4. Adequate Storage Solutions

No matter how spacious of a desk you have, not everything in the office can be piled up on it. You need a dedicated storage space such as a filing cabinet, bookcase, shelves, or drawers to keep various supplies, documents, and personal items.

5. Community/Collaborative Seating and Furniture

Collaboration is the key to innovation. You want to encourage interaction and brainstorming among workers to maximize the thought value and ideas being produced in your office. Items like meeting tables, modular decks, and lounge seating produce teamwork and creativity.

6. Task Lighting Options

Part of that cold and intimidating office environment of yesteryear was due to the sterile, hospital-like lighting that used to be common in workplaces. Task lighting is much more suitable for activities such as reading, writing, and focusing on other common work duties. Also, incorporate natural lighting whenever possible, such as opening windows or installing skylights.

Finding All Your Office Furniture and Accessories in One Place

You may think that acquiring all the things mentioned in our list requires shopping at multiple different stores and outlets. However, that is not the case at all. Online liquidation companies often offer these and numerous other essential (or preferred) office pieces for incredible discounts.

By investing in the right furnishings for your workspace, you can create an environment that promotes well-being and productivity in your entire staff.