Tinted windows are very popular among homeowners for their practical as well as aesthetic benefits. Not only do are they more visually appealing than regular windows but they can also enable you to control the amount of light that is able to enter a space. However, because of the way windows are tinted, proper care must be taken when cleaning them to ensure that you don’t accidentally end up damaging them. In this post, we take a closer look at some tips to help you clean your tinted windows more effectively and with better results.

Understanding Tinted Windows

When it comes to cleaning your tinted windows safely and efficiently, the first step is to understand the different types of tinted windows that exist. This is because there will be different considerations at play when you are dealing with different types of tinting. 

One of the most common types of tinted windows is windows that have had a layer of tinted film applied to them. This film is what gives the window its signature tinted look and can be easily scratched or chipped by sharp objects. Another popular form of window tinting is carbon tinting, where carbon is added to the window glass giving it a natural tint. 

Using Recommended Window Cleaning Supplies

An important tip that can help you clean you tinted windows without damaging them is to use recommended window cleaning supplies. If you are able to do so, get in touch with the supplier or manufacturer of your tinted windows and ask if they have any window cleaning tools or solutions to recommend to you. These are typically designed specifically for the type of tinted window you are dealing with and will hence give you the best results.

Consider Pre-Soaking for Stubborn Stains

If you are experiencing stubborn stains on your tinted windows, consider pre-soaking them instead of trying to scrape them off with a window scraper or blade. This is because pre-soaking with a cleaning solution can help to loosen the stains, potentially even to a point where you can wipe them off with a cloth. Not using sharp objects such as a scraper or blade can also ensure that you don’t accidentally end up scratching your tinted window. 

Special Considerations for Tinted Windows in Cars

If you are cleaning tinted windows in cars, there are additional considerations you might want to bear in mind. For one, avoid using excessive pressure on car windows as these tend to be more susceptible to chips and breakage. At the same time, consult a professional if you find that there is any damage to or stubborn stains on your car windows. 

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