Almost all church organizations celebrate a family and friends day program. It is a day when family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors attend the church together. It is an effort by the church to make service relevant to people who are not usual attendees. 

Of course, this congregation is arranged to see more visitors and make them feel welcome. Since it takes a lot to organize this program, you may not be able to spend enough on promotions. 

Thankfully, social media makes promotion much easier. Thus, below are some affordable family and friends day program promotion tips that you can implement and achieve your goal of getting as many people as possible to attend your event. 

Create a Facebook Event

Creating an event on Facebook may seem obvious, but it is good for a reason. Facebook events are to be found very easily. People see them, interact with them, and get all the relevant information about your program from there. 

Create your family and friends day program event on Facebook and promote it on your church’s page. This way, all your followers will get to know about your program. Your followers can invite their friends to the event as well. This gives you a much wider reach and can also help you increase followers on the church’s page. 

Use Facebook Ads to promote

Facebook ads require a small investment, but they can help you reach a larger audience. You can reach people who may not have connected with your church yet. They allow you to set specific demographics so that you can reach your target audience. This will give you a much higher conversion rate. 

However, with so much other visual stimulation, using a professional-looking graphic for your ads is crucial. You can use family and friends day program templates from PosterMyWall to create professional visuals for your Facebook ads. You will be connecting with new potential members, so you should make the best first impression. 

Post behind-the-scene content on Instagram

Your task is to motivate people to attend your program, and posting behind-the-scenes content is one of the best ways to do so. It will let people see your efforts for the community and motivate them to pay back and attend your program. 

Giving sneak peeks of your preparations will get people excited about your event. You can also utilize Instagram stories to keep people updated about your preparations. Posting regularly about the program also makes it difficult for people to forget about your event. It will help them remember that it is coming soon so they can add it to their calendars. 

Post highlights of attendees having fun at last year’s event

People like to see what they will be attending. A great way to do this is by showing them photos and videos from a previous event. 

Try it yourself! Design a Tweetable graphic by using last year’s photos and show your followers what they could become a part of. Add your church’s logo and tweet the photo to encourage new people to participate. 

These days, people often value the opinions of others more than anything. To capitalize on this, utilize visual testimonials from your previous attendees to gain their trust. You can create a video highlight of people sharing their experiences about your program. Post it on all your social media platforms to let people know what it is like to attend a family and friends day program at your church. 

How To Promote Your Family And Friends Day Program On Social Medi

Post content featuring your guest speakers

Variety keeps things interesting. Having multiple content ideas to promote your program is never a bad idea. With guest speakers, it is easy to create posts featuring each person and share them with your followers. 

People would love to know who they will be listening to in your program. Include all the individual achievements of the guest speaker and shine the spotlight on him. Make sure to include all the event details in the post as well. This will make people attend your program because of the guest speaker. Plus, you can get free publicity if the speaker decides to share the posts on his channels, too! 

How To Promote Your Family And Friends Day Program On Social Me

Be consistent

Social media promotions are not an overnight success. Neither you can achieve results by posting occasionally. To promote your program successfully on social media, you need to stay active and post regularly. However, do not launch a flood of social media posts and annoy people. Post promotional content at regular intervals just to help your followers not forget about your program.

Interact with your audience

The best way to promote your event on social media is by engaging with your followers. People may have some questions about your program. Your followers may leave comments on your posts. Make sure to answer all queries and respond to comments. This will have a good impact on your church’s image and therefore will motivate people to come closer to your organization. 

Never miss out on social media promotion! 

To grow people’s interest and make them attend your event, you need to promote your program on social media effectively. Follow the above-mentioned tips, promote your family and friends day program, and bring some refreshment to people with spiritual nourishment.