Tight and cramped spaces aren’t anyone’s ideal option. But sometimes circumstances don’t give us much of a choice when it comes to the size of our homes. However, we can still make the most of the space that we have regardless of how small it is. The good thing is that there are unlimited ways how to make your home feel roomier stylishly. From creative organization to strategic styling and innovative storage solutions, your small home can be as close to palatial as your imagination. The following ideas are guaranteed to teach you how to maximize the space in your cozy cottage or compact urban apartment without compromising on functionality and comfort.

Innovative storage solutions

Small spaces can feel even smaller with clutter and disorganized items. But because storage is limited, thinking of innovative ways to add storage is your way to go. Think of areas that are underutilized and find ways to turn them into useful areas. A good example is under the stairs. You can turn this place into a storage space by adding drawers, shelves, or racks to store or display some items. You can also create a functional room that you can use as a pantry or home office.

Think also of space under the beds. Find beautiful storage boxes to stuff rarely used items and hide them under the bed. This frees up space in the cabinets, closets, or shelves to create more storage space. In addition, if you have an unfinished attic or basement, these can make great additional space for old and rarely-used items.

Add space with home additions

A home addition can be a great way to add living space to your small home. If you have the extra space and the budget, this can be a worthy route. Converting the attic or basement can be a great place to start. You can also convert the garage into a dwelling space. These make great extra sleeping areas, living rooms, or a home office.

Another great idea is to go for room additions or bump-outs to the side of your house. For instance, you can have a few feet added to your kitchen or living room to make the rooms a bit bigger. You can also think of enclosing the porch or patio to add to the square footage of your living area.

Keep in mind that home additions can be complex projects that require careful planning and execution. Consider the input of a design and build firm in Sacramento, Fresno, Los Angeles, or where you live before embarking on the project. A professional will help you design a home addition that complements the existing design. Moreover, if the home addition requires a foundation, new roof, extra siding, and the like, it is better off done by an expert.

Creative furniture choices and arrangement 

A large sofa in a small living room can appear proportional and even make the room feel squeezed. Your best alternative is to go for small-scale furniture. Armchairs with smooth lines and a sleek design ensure that a small room feels less crowded. Likewise, a large dresser in a small bedroom only takes up valuable floor space. If storage is a must in the bedroom, tall and slim choices would be ideal. Also, leggy furniture that leaves the floor space underneath empty makes the room appear spacious.

You also have to pay attention to furniture arrangement. Don’t be fooled to place furniture on the walls, creating an open space in the middle. Instead, pull the chairs away from the walls. This results in a cozy conversation area that makes the space inviting. In addition, arrange furniture with the focal point in mind. For instance, you can arrange them directly facing or around the focal point such as the TV or fireplace to create a clear view.

Clever designs create the illusion of spaciousness

Visual trickery is always effective in making a small space feel roomier and appear bigger. There are so many things that you can do to create an illusion of spaciousness with design. For starters, stick to a monochromatic color palette. This helps create a clean and cohesive look that doesn’t jar the eye. Another idea is to let in the light to make the space feel airy. You can also use mirrors to reflect the light and increase the visual footage of any room.

Utilizing the vertical space lets the eye look up and not concentrate on the floor space. You can install high curtains to the ceiling to create an illusion of bigger windows. Use the vertical space to loft your bed or create wall shelves. Eliminating the need for a bookshelf or placing the bed on the floor frees up the floor space for other uses.


When a small space is your fate, you have more choices to make it work for you and still remain stylish and cozy. You can easily transform your home with innovative storage solutions that don’t take up extra floor space. In addition, utilize the space that you have by organizing the furniture creatively. You can also consider a home addition or use design ideas that trick the eye to see spaciousness.