Recently, a wave of curiosity and concern has been coursing through the beverage industry. Many loyal fans and customers of the popular energy drink, Bang, have been asking questions about the future of the company.

With Monster Beverage Corp. stepping up to acquire Bang Energy, many are left wondering about the fate of their favorite brand. Well, is Bang going out of business, or is this just another phase they would have to overcome like they always do? Let’s find out what’s really happening to Bang Energy in this post.

Did Bang Go Out of Business?

Bang Energy, once a powerhouse in the beverage world, had indeed been facing significant financial turmoil in recent months. The company’s stability was further disrupted after the board ousted its founder, Jack Owoc.

This led many fans to question if the company would be closing its doors soon and going out of business. It is true that the company is presently facing bankruptcy, but a recent court decision allowed Monster Beverage Corp. to acquire Bang Energy, potentially saving it from closure.

So, Bang Energy is not really going out of business. But you should know that they are now owned by their rival company, Monster Energy.

Monster recently sued Bang, leading to the company losing a lot of money which left a toll on its financial stability. Now, a court ruling has allowed Monster to buy over Bang.

Why Monster Sued Bang Energy?

The animosity between Monster and Bang Energy isn’t new. A significant point of contention arose from Bang’s claim of incorporating the protein building block, creatine in their drinks. Monster, sensing false advertising, pursued legal action.

This litigation culminated in the court awarding Monster a significant $293 million. That’s a huge amount of money for Bang to lose over a court case. However, Bang’s persistence in using the term “Super Creatine” in its advertising even after this verdict led to renewed courtroom battles, where Monster once again emerged victorious.

You guessed right; Bang lost another huge sum to the second lawsuit. All these, amongst some other lawsuits from other companies, are what led to the downfall of the once popular energy drink brand. And now, they had to file for bankruptcy while Monster was stepping up to acquire it. 

What Happens Next With Bang?

The road ahead for Bang Energy is filled with uncertainties after its declaration of bankruptcy. Yet, the recent court-approved acquisition by Monster offers a beacon of hope. Initially, there were concerns that without this merger, many Bang employees would be without jobs.

Fortunately, with the acquisition going forward, it is estimated that about a huge percentage of these jobs might be retained. So, this is more like nothing really changed within the company – just the ownership change. Or is there going to be any major change coming soon? We all still need to keep our fingers crossed for that.

What Should Bang Customers Expect In the Nearest Future?

For Bang Energy’s dedicated followers, the acquisition came with many things running through their minds. They don’t know whether to be happy that it’s happening at this time or to be sad.  

While many are optimistic, hoping that Monster’s involvement could rejuvenate Bang’s brand image, others are wary. Being that Monster was once a competitor, changes to the beloved brand are expected.

What if the stuff you used to enjoy in Bang energy drinks is no longer there? What if Monster decided to make Bang production more like Monster drinks? No one knows yet – everyone is still waiting to see what the Monster board of directors will come up with soon. 

Did Bang Go Out of Business – Final Note

The saga between Monster and Bang Energy has witnessed many twists and turns, from intense courtroom battles to an eventual acquisition. While Bang’s immediate future might seem slightly brighter, it remains to be seen how this merger will reshape its destiny in the beverage world.

So, Bang did not really go out of business. Instead, it was acquired by the rival company Monster Energy. However, loyal customers and brand enthusiasts of Bang should expect some changes to their beloved energy drinks moving forward!

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