Advertising has evolved tremendously over centuries, from early etchings used by Egyptians to the printing press and, finally, the age of the internet. Today, businesses have access to multiple promotion channels.

But not all give you the results you want.

If you’ve been wondering what would be the most effective way to promote your local business affordably, putting up a yard sign is a great idea. It’s budget-friendly, easy to create, and lightweight enough to move around. That’s why businesses, small and large, often use them.

But like any other advertising method, there are ways to ensure your yard signs reach and compel your target audience. So, here are some cool ideas to try out for maximum reach:

Keep it Short and Striking

In an increasingly busy society, most people only have a few seconds to glance at your yard sign. That’s why you want to keep your writing short so the reader doesn’t lose interest before grasping the intended message.

Now, since you have very limited words to promote your business, you also want to choose them carefully. Go for something that will grab people’s attention while providing value. The goal is to implant yourself in your potential customer’s minds so they think about your business long after seeing your sign.

Go Big and Bold

Your yard sign should not be hard to spot. Basically, you want a large sign topped with large, bold fonts to be visible from a distance. A smaller sign is easy to miss, and even if someone does see it, they might not have enough time to read what’s on it if, say, they are driving by.

Use the largest font for the headline that is, the service you are promoting, as well as your contact details. Other details can be in a smaller font but still visible enough.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Contrast Color

It’s super hard to miss something that’s printed in bright colors. So, on top of having your message in large fonts, add some color. A cool idea that would make your sign stand out even more is to use a couple of contrasting colors. This will make every part of your message visible and attractive to whoever’s looking at it.

Add an Attention-Grabbing Image

A written message can communicate what you want. However, an image gives potential customers a mental picture of your product or service. So, if you can fit an image in your yard sign, add it to communicate visually as well. That said, ensure the picture doesn’t take away from your message. Rather, it should complement it.

Create Unique Yard Signs to Reach More Local Customers and Grow Your Business

Yard signs never go out of style. They are highly effective in targeting the local market, especially when you don’t have a huge marketing budget. Now, the market is still quite competitive, so you must be creative to stand out from your competition. So, use these cool ideas and see your business expand its reach.