Gozney has introduced its newest culinary superstar, the Gozney Arc, with an advanced lateral gas burner. BBQs 2U has added this portable wood-fired latest innovation in its showroom at Abersoch.

Gozney is a brand synonymous with excellence and innovation in outdoor cooking products. Once again, it has raised the bar with the latest breakthrough – the Gozney Arc Lateral gas Burner.

Revolutionary lateral flame technology

Traditional burners struggle with even heat distribution, resulting in uneven cooking and hotspots. The lateral flame technology addresses this challenge head-on.

It ensures that every inch of the cooking surface receives consistent and precise heat from the flame fanned out and rolls across the dome ceiling from end to end.

Besides, the 20mm thick stone and powerful insulation ensure superior heat consistencies and distribution. It means you can roll out perfect pizza after pizza.

The burner is lateral means it moved up off the cooking stone, allowing for an increase in cooking space. You can even roast vegetables, sear steaks and bake delicious desserts in this single versatile oven.

Perfected portability

The Arc weighs only 48 pounds. Move around your backyard or patio with ease. You can create epic pizzas on the go or on camping trips, enjoying the scenery as you cook.


The Arc is constructed with high-quality professional grade weather-resistant materials. The stainless steel construction ensures excellent heat retention, while ceramic fibre insulation guarantees efficient fuel usage and consistent temperature all the time.


You can experience the real-wood-fired cooking taste with the efficient lateral gas burner designed to imitate the natural heat profile of a traditional wood-fuelled oven. The rolling yellow flame adds a visual element to your cooking process, making it more engaging and enjoyable.

Packs a punch

The compact size of Arc packs a punch. It reaches the maximum temperature within minutes and creates perfect pizza within 60 seconds. The outside looks compact, but the inside is spacious and can cook 14” pizza.

Intuitive operations

You don’t have to guess with the easy-to-read temperature gauge offering accurate readings and user-friendly controls, allowing you to adjust the yellow flame for precise control effortlessly.

Energy efficiency

Beyond the impressive performance, the lateral gas burner is also designed with energy efficiency in mind. The lateral flame technology ensures that heat is maximized and distributed evenly without any wastage. It enhances the grill’s overall efficiency and contributes to a more eco-friendly outdoor experience.

More than pizzas

The Arc excels in cooking pizzeria-style Neapolitan pizzas, but its versatility is much more. You can use it to –

  • Sear moist and flavoured succulent steaks and juicy burgers.
  • You can roast veggies to crunchy perfection with caramelized natural sweetness.
  • You can bake unique breads, pastries, and desserts with a wood-fired touch.

BBQs 2U understand the passion of grillers and pitmasters, so they proudly offer Gozney Arc.

The Arc seamlessly aligns with their commitment to offer customers top-of-the-line appliance that inspires their culinary creativity and ignites unforgettable gatherings. You can even follow them on Facebook or Pinterest and engage with the grilling community.

Visit the BBQs 2U store and experience the Arc first-hand. The knowledgeable staff will keenly answer your questions and help you get on board an exciting culinary adventure.